Some of the material we have been working on

Working with our Norwegian oil & gas client, we have been covering both Brazil’s recent economic development and ample innovation material. 

Considering market entry into Brazil, requires a deep understanding of both history,  culture and economics in the world’s seventh largest economy. 
No matter how good the business plan looks in the office, going into Brazil truly requires going here. One of the key reasons companies fail here is the lack of knowledge around business culture aswell as insufficent time invested on the ground. This little pile is just a small introduction to what we call required reading material for doing business in Brazil.


On the strategy and innovation side great reading material abound. For this client Engage // Innovate have highlighted the execution side of strategy. “Innovation to the core“, “The Innovator’s Guide…..” and Harvard Business Review’s June issue are just some of the readings we have been leaning on. 



Some of the material we have been working on

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