An emerging relationship: Norway – Brazil

Norwegian exports to Brazil has risen 80 % the last year and tripled since 2000. This is only the beginning.

Travelling through Brazil these last weeks, I’ve seen a growing number of Noruega – Brasil relations. The two flags side-by-side is a common sight.

Passing through Rio and Macae, and one out of every four supply ships are Norwegian.

With a Special issue on Brazil, the Norwegian “Internasjonal Politikk, 02/2011”, Norway is highlighting the emerging relationship between the two countries. Reading through the recent issue, I am impressed by the depth of research and relationships developed over the last few years.

According to one source, “a few years ago there were 50 Norwegian companies established in Rio. Today there are 150 – with another 350 in line, waiting to get it”. And when you know Brazil ranks 128th worldwide on “Ease of starting a business”, you know companies who might feel they are already late, are racing to catch up.

Companies that are considering getting started in Brazil, would do well to read and understand the recent issue of “Internasjonal Politikk”. It is an excellent read.

An emerging relationship: Norway – Brazil

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