Innovation Pyramid; now in Brazil

Most companies are in need of more innovation. But few leaders have the tools, training or time for it. To solve this challenge, we have developed the Innovation Pyramid: A toolkit and process to develop and execute innovation.

This July, we had the opportunity to go deep dive into the innovation challenges facing a Norwegian Oil & Gas client. As an integral part of their Strategy seminar at Villa Vista Taiba, we spent a full day on the Innovation Pyramid.

Working through the process, revealed startling insight into how easily the innovation process can be facilitated. While most companies find the whole idea of “innovation” to be challenging, leading few to have a shared understanding and a shared process for it, the Innovation Pyramid help overcome this challenge. In the span of a few hours, the entire team had a shared basic language and was fast at work, developing action items. Put in the right context and process, Innovation (like change management) can be both fun – and highly productive.

Groups hard at work innovating. But pleasurable surroundings at Villa Vista Taiba make for a perfect Strategy and Innovation camp. Few places allow participants to move from lecture room, to private terraces and to a nearly private beach all while working on post-it’s…

Parts of the management team discussing the next steps. In the span of a few hours, the entire wall was filled with ideas and input; innovation. Put in a proper structure and model, the team had for the first time a shared model for innovation. Using the Innovation Pyramid allowed the team to discuss Business Model Innovation, Process Innovation and Product Innovation in a structured and organized manner. A first for this team.



Taking a step back allows participants to take in the big picture. The visual design is an important part of the process, allowing participants to visualize the challenges and their suggested solutions. Do this in PowerPoint or (much worse) Excel, and you lose most of the creative, visual languages. Our work is heavily inspired by the work of David Sibbett, Dan Roam, Nancy Duarte and the team behind Business Model Generation. We can strongly recommend Sibbett’s book, Visual Meetings, as an introduction to the field.

The experiences from running the Innovation Pyramid in Brazil have proven – yet again – that the framework and process holds up. Companies get a shared language, shared model and shared actions around innovation. Travelling back to Norway this week, we will continue to write and develop the work. We are already booked to give a range of lectures and seminars on the Innovation Pyramid in Norway during the fall. Looking forward to helping more companies innovate how they innovate.

Innovation Pyramid; now in Brazil

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