Leaders and social media

As Social medias enter the workplace, the role of leadership will change – radically. Few leaders I have met are truly comfortable with leading by letting go. They will have to become.

In a recent video blog, Charlene Li and Gary Hamel discuss Li’s latest book, Open Leadership.

Li, with background as an analyst and author on social medias, and author of Groundswell, ask the question; “What happens to leaders as social medias enter the workplace?”. Her answer:

“The introduction into the workplace of social media tools and other technologies that make communication easier, broader, and faster, tend to underscore a lesson that most managers used to take many years to learn: that we lead not by controlling but by inspiring”. In short; leaders lose control. Leaders need to dare to let go. Leaders need to trust, inspire and lead by example.

Enterprise 2.0 does a great job ot outlining the advances of social medias in workplaces. While few (if any) Norwegian firms have fully embraced the possibilities of social medias in the workplace, they will. Without a doubt, social media tools, the tools described in Enterprise 2.0, will become widespread in modern knowledge-driven firms. It might take five years. It might take ten. But it’s coming.

Today you can get a look at some of the first-movers Socialcast and Chatter.

If you are a leader, you should start reading up today.
A good place to start is the Wikipedia entry on Enterprise Social Media or one of the two books mentioned above.

Engage // Innovate firmly believe enterprise social medias are here to stay. Question is only when, and if leaders will trust their people enough to do it?

Leaders and social media

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