Deconstructing Apple……?

I’m working on an upcoming presentation here in Norway. It’s tentatively titled “Deconstructing Apple”***.
Subtitle “What Can Norwegian Firms learn from the world’s 2nd most valuable company?”****

In 1997 Apple was virtually bankrupt, trading at $3 per share.
Today it trades at $373, briefly topping BP as the world’s most valuable company.

Apple is an innovation powerhouse. Has among the world’s most engaged customers and sell four times industry average in its chain of retail stores.

In fiscal year 2010 Apple sold some 7,5 million iPads. In first quarter 2011 alone, the company sold 7,3 million iPads. By 2013 the market for Tablets is expected to top 150 million. In other words, the market has barely started yet. Apple is perfectly poised for this next wave of computing. And yes, as of last month, the company had more cash than the U.S. Government.

Apple can easily be viewed as a fairytale. “It’s too good to be true”, is one view. “ They just redefined computers, iPads and music”, one of my students stated yesterday.

We see Apple as a great adventure. A great adventure that can be deconstructed distilled and understood. For our upcoming presentation October 20th, we will attempt to analyze the adventure that is Apple and identify key learning points for Norwegian firms. Simply, we ask, “What Can Norwegian Firms learn from the world’s 2nd most valuable company?”

*** Note to self
After writing this post, I came across an identically titled piece by Gary Hamel, dated March 2010. Guess great minds think alike…….(ok, not seriously…..). I’ll be changing my title as the research progresses. Hats of to Gary for picking an excellent title for his WSJ blog.

New tentative title is “The Adventure that is Apple”.

Good chance that by the time of the presentation in October, Apple will be world’s most valuable company…..


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