If you work in banking, and have not read Bank 2.0. Then you shouldn’t work in banking

For the last few months we’ve been recommending the book, Bank 2.0. Written by Banking expert Brett King, the book is a delightful example of swift, strategic disruption across any industry. While some believe the Bank 2.0 paradigm refers to technology only, in King’s writing, it does not. Bank 2.0. is an expression for the change in customer behaviour, which in turn lead to channel strategies, technology, social networking and a wide range of opportunities.

“BANK 2.0 represents a view of the future of bank retailing and channel strategies for the next decade. The fact that banks take so long to respond to these changes to the status quo means that any bank acting upon the key recommendations in this book will be a step ahead of the competition”, writes on executive reviewer on Amazon.
In particular, the post “How Steve Jobs killed the branch” is a great read.

Now, if you work in banking, and you still haven’t read Bank 2.0. Then you know what’s on your required reading list. While you wait for your book to arrive, we recommend watching the video. It’s a great introduction to King’s work.


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