Management innovation

The place to be these days for management innovation is The Management Innovation Exchange. Right now, the MIX as it is called, is gaining ground as a powerful hub for new ideas on management.

Would you let your employees choose their own position internally?

Would you let people spend 20 % of their time doing ‘whatever they wanted and thought were important’?

Would you let everyone, including the kitchen staff, view the CEO’s performance review?

Would you let people choose their own boss?

These are just some of the ideas that are being pitched around and discusssed on the MIX. But more than just that, the MIX is now attracting a number of actual cases. Real-life examples of Management innovation. This is the stuff that is too fresh, to recent, to have found its way into text books. I will be using the MIX as a teaching source for several of my executive leadership programs later this year.

For now, you can read the experiences of Itera Consulting in their own management innovation experiment.

Management innovation

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