Only three days to World Innovation Convention 2011

This coming Wednesday kicks off one of the World’s most exciting innovation conferences, WIC2011.

Labelled “Dynamic platform for World’s leading innovators”, the WIC2011 sets the highest standard in innovation conferences. According to the organizers, “We engage innovation leaders & experts for 3 exciting days to collaborate on our global platform, share their success stories and discuss the framework towards accelerating innovation in their companies. Case studies provide a invaluable information in how to become a low cost producer to improve the profitability while expanding customer base, and increasing the brand loyalty.Interactive sessions are designed to connect audience in an energising and creative manner.Idea sharing helps the participants to rejuvenate their creative pulses”.

We’re particularly looking forward to hearing Nokia’s strategy for global open innovation. It can provide a valuable glimpse into what Nokia’s planning next.

Equally interesting will be Dell’s Chief Innovation Officer, Jim Stikeleather . According to Jim, “The Dell Services Office of Innovation focuses on “around the corner” “over the horizon” futurecasting – looking at economic, social, demographic, legal, regulatory, business and technology trends to see how the world “wants” to change, and how technology can enable, facilitate or accelerate those changes”. Just as Nokia; how is Dell organizing and inspiring itself to fight back Apple in the next generation of IT?

Yes; can’t wait for WIC2011.

Only three days to World Innovation Convention 2011

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