Day III: Lego

It’s with a sense of both regret and relief we’re seeing this year’s World Innovation Congress come to an end. Regret; because it’s been a mind-sparkling event. Relief; with tons of excellent content, it will keep us processing for weeks.

The final day here in Cannes, saw Lego’s Conny Kalcher give an excellent presentation titled “Creating Brand Promoters and Raving Fans”. As VP of Consumer experiences, she talked about how Lego has worked to create an emotional connection with fans. Lego is extremely passionate about the NPS (Net Promoter Score) and has been using it to great success. Few companies worldwide has managed to get this fantastic connection between metric, processes, structure and effect. While most firms do a customer survey annually; and little effect or action comes from it, Lego does its NPS continuously.

This leads to an incredible efficient system, where input, action and solution is handled in minutes. The NPS also allows every single interaction to measured, leading to a culture of action throughout the organization (Comment; most managers who read this will not be able to comprehend doing a customer metric/survey, with every single (!) customer interaction. Some management innovation required on their behalf, because the NPS process works).
Kalcher touched on the cultural change effort behind Lego’s efforts to move from a product company to a open innovation experience company, a move the company has managed incredibly well. Commenting on new culture of openness and innovation developing in the company, Open Innovation expert Stefan Lindegard says “You gotta Love Lego”.

Does your customers make this, leading to 15 million hits on youtube?

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Day III: Lego

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