If these accountants can innovate; so can you

“We have an average age of 27, but we have roots in tax and assurance,” says U.S. chairman Bob Moritz, using the industry jargon for auditing and related functions. “So how do you make this place feel like a Google (GOOG, Fortune 500) or a Facebook? A place that feels leading-edge?”(Fortune Magazine, Oct 14)

That’s the kind of innovation challenges we love to hear about. That’s the kind of big, brave, daring questions every leader should ask him or herself.That’s the question PWC asked themselves. How do you recruit, retain and develop talent when the incoming generation expect to be, well, fun, daring and innovative?

Enter PowerPitch, a firm-wide innovation competition launched by PwC november 2010. Designed to boost “Idea generation from a new generation” PowerPitch became PWC’s innovation challenge engine.

Structured as a global crowdsourcing program, Powerpitch was designed by Mitra Best, their U.S. Innovation Office Leader.
Called “the next generation’s way of thinking”, PowerPitch is a great example of making innovation happen.
If an accountancy can do it, so can you!

We urge everyone to read the great tale of PowerPitch in Fortune magazine.

Watch PWC Chief Innovation Officer, Sheldon Laube talk about PWC’s innovation aspirations. Does your senior leadership sound like this yet?

If these accountants can innovate; so can you

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