The Great Tech War (you need to read this)

When we talk about innovation, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google tend to come up. If you want to read one article on the subject this year, this should be it.

To understand Facebook’s, Amazon’s, Google’s or Amazon’s strategic ploys; then this is the article for you. Amazing read.

Here’s just a handful of the comments on Fast Company’s site.

Chris Eckelkamp Yesterday 09:50 PM
Fantastic article! You have encompassed the single most interesting tech discussion of our time.
I just love the work put into it. Thank you so much for this piece.

Mike Hope Yesterday 08:40 AM
Great article Farhad, although I agree with Wansai… Microsoft shouldn’t be discounted! Apart from this I believe that this is an award winning article!!

David Politis 10/17/2011 06:03 PM
This is arguably the most insightful article of 2011 on what might be considered cross-border wars in the high-tech industry. Very well thought out, researched and written. A great job, Farhad. This is another example of why I continue to subscribe to Fast Company magazine and why I believe it is one of the top media properties in the world.

The Great Tech War (you need to read this)

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