A Swedish blog to follow

Researching a recent blogpost I came across Swedish researcher Christian Sandström . Dr. Sandström’s resarch focuses on disruptive innovations and how established firms can handle the challenges of disruptive challenges.

Now, plenty has been written on this subject – albeit few executives have a deep understanding of it – but what is unique about Dr. Sandström is his use of social media and sharing. Go to his Slidehare site, and you’ll find 107 presentations – most of them great quality. Some of them numbering more than 360 slides. His work here looks at the effects of disruptive innovation on the camera industry. With an incredible insight into Kodak, Polaroid and Hasselblad, students of innovation can gain great insight from studying these slides. More than that; using a highly visible presentation design, makes these extensive slidesets fly by. Well done.

You can follow his work here:

The blog


Bravo, Statoil

One of our great passions is management innovation. Improving, reinventing, rethinking the role of leadership in modern organizations. Reimagine the fundemental principles of how we redesign the notion of “leaders and followers”. Redesigning organizational structures and management control issues in the age of social media. and unleashing the power of innovation in established organizations.

This is also the mission of Management Innovation Exchange, out of London. So, it’s a great pleasure to find a newsletter in my inbox detailing one angle of Statoil’s ongoing management innovation.

Bjarte Bogsnes tells the story of a radical overhaul of management processes at Norwegian oil & gas company Statoil—including abolishing the straightjacket of traditional budgeting and kicking out the fiscal calendar—to create a more dynamic, flexible, and self-regulating management model. Read the story »

Great work, great story and a great example of management innovation that easily deserves more attention. Bravo, Bjarte. Bravo, Statoil.


You Should All Be Pirates – management innovation for the next generation

You Should All Be Pirates – The title of an upcoming talk I’m giving at Leders dag at BI Bergen.

This upcoming Wednesday kicks of this season’s various presentations and speaking engagements. I’m looking forward to sharing ideas, initiating discussions and hopefully provoke some action around innovation, strategy and the art of “Dreaming Bigger”.

Most of these upcoming speaking engagements touch on management innovation, strategic innovation and leadership.
A specially interesting one will be BIS Bergen’s Leders dag. Talking to a group of 250 – 350 students, outside of class opens up possibilities to challenge them to – well – dream bigger. I’m putting together the material this weekend, and the title “You Should All Be Pirates” looks to be fitting…

Hope to see you in Bergen.


Teaching 2012

This extended Christmas Holiday has given ample room for reflection – and preparation. Preparation for a busy and exciting teaching year 2012.

Starting January I begin my first of seven programs taught for the spring semester. I have been fortunate enough to land a wide variety of courses, allowing and challenging me to think different when it comes to teaching each of them.

The core of our teaching philosophy is experential learning. The idea that learning can´t be ´told, it has to be éxperienced´(or felt). Learning, to truly take place, needs to involve, engage, activate, stimulate, challenge and provide a sense of mastery. This, of course, can´t happen through only use of class room lectures. We need something more. We need something different.

Second; as teachers, writers and consultants in strategic innovation, we daily challenge the people we meet to #Dreambigger. As for ourselves. Planning this upcoming teaching year requires us to think different. Experiment. Be bold and just a little bit crazy. Without this, evolution and innovation cease… Peter Sims, in his truly excellent book on innovation, Little Bets: how breakthrough ideas emerge from small discoveries lays out the philosophy: experiment, start small, take chances, reflect and refine. Only by trial and a bit of error will new insight emerge.

The courses I´ve been planning during the Holidays.

MRK 2033 – International Marketing

Third year marketing course looking at the globalization of businesses. While international marketing is the title, the course is designed around the whole aspect of internationalization. Central in this program is understanding the emergence of the BRICs and N-11 countries, the financial challenges of Europe, the political challenges of the US and what all this means for Norwegian businesses. Special emphasis will be put on the quickly growing relationship between Norway and Brazil around oil and gas-related services. As a part of the course, we´re arranging a unique “Brazil theme day” on March 13th.
Innovative approach:
A full-day Brazil theme day conference. For now we can reveal an incredible mix of industry executives, young students, Brazilians, politicans and an impressive up-to-date insight into “Successful Market Entry Into Brazil”. The full program will be annonounced early January 2012.

Will also be using Facebook Group as a social media platform to engage the class outside the classroom.

ELE3701 – Innovation and Entreprenurship
A second year elective on innovation. This is a introduction program to innovative thinking, entreprenurship and intraprenurship. I have chosen the gaming (video gaming, social gaming) industry as a potentially special unit of analysis and a strong potential for the exam project.

Innovative approach:
Working closely with a local technology company to help them develop new innovations around one of their business units. The company felt its existing employees were “too old to see all the possibilities” and jumped at the opportunity of working with a full class of 20 – 24 year olds. This is the core of experiental learning, as students will integrate theory and practice – if everything comes together.

Will be using Facebook Group as a social media platform to engage the class outside the classroom.

ORG3640 – Communications for managers and organizations

How do succesfull leaders and organizations communicate?
What can we learn from JFK, Mr. King, Al Gore, Mosquitoes, TED and crisis management? How can we strucure, pitch and make a lasting impression with our audiences?
These are some of the questions we cover.

Innovative approach:
Using role play on video analysis based on true life cases.

ORG3402 – Organizational Behavior and Leadership
How does organizations work? How does leadership work?
This introduction class for first year business school students is the perfect avenue to get them hooked on the intricacies of management and leadership. It will also be a great venue to listen and understand what the next generation expect from leaders and how they themselves want to lead. Especially as this “Social media generation” is moving into early leadership positions.

Innovative approach:
Using video analysis to illustrate organizational behaviour. If only I had been following Paradise Hotel… Not a problem, I will let the students find these video clips themselves…

ORG2000 – Leadership in Action

I love this course. This is the integrative course at our Bachelor program for experienced participants (mostly managers). This program challenges students to take responsibility for their learning in a truly novel way. Also, this unique program combines leadership, strategy, innovation, coaching and team building into one single learning experience. This is not a course. It´s an experience.

Innovative approach:
The program in itself is truly innovative.

First-time Leader (Corporate program)
This is a corporate program for young and first-time leaders. This will be a lot of fun, as the company has spent the last four years developing a very strong internal culture and leadership model. It will be a pleasure to learn more of the work they have done and see how I can blend the topics and material we have, into the existing foundation they have developed.

Innovative approach:

Situational leadership and strategy (Corporate program)
Situational leadership is a classic for us at BI. This spring I´ve been lucky enough to teach is as a corporate program. This allows for more alignment with the existing culture, corporate leadership ideas and corporate innovation and strategy development. This is an example of truly integrative teaching at BI, as I will be teaching this together with great colleagues from BI Bergen and BI Nydalen, all managed superbly by our Project Manager in Stavanger.

Innovative approach:
Still thinking, but we will be using the Whole Brain Model and the WBM test for these executive students.

So, my students at BI Norwegian Business School in Stavanger can look forward to some exciting – if challenging – months ahead…

For my part, I´m happy to learn from these approximately 500 – 600 students ranging from international CEO´s to curious 19 year olds with dreams of studying in China, Brazil and Singapore…