Bravo, Statoil

One of our great passions is management innovation. Improving, reinventing, rethinking the role of leadership in modern organizations. Reimagine the fundemental principles of how we redesign the notion of “leaders and followers”. Redesigning organizational structures and management control issues in the age of social media. and unleashing the power of innovation in established organizations.

This is also the mission of Management Innovation Exchange, out of London. So, it’s a great pleasure to find a newsletter in my inbox detailing one angle of Statoil’s ongoing management innovation.

Bjarte Bogsnes tells the story of a radical overhaul of management processes at Norwegian oil & gas company Statoil—including abolishing the straightjacket of traditional budgeting and kicking out the fiscal calendar—to create a more dynamic, flexible, and self-regulating management model. Read the story »

Great work, great story and a great example of management innovation that easily deserves more attention. Bravo, Bjarte. Bravo, Statoil.


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