The Innovation Pyramid

The Innovation Pyramid is both a tool and a process for strategic innovation.

We have been working on the framework and the visuals (coming soon) for several months. Through a series of workshops and seminars, and now, more recently, through a series of executive applications, we are happy to be sharing the model openly. In short, it works.

Our work here is greatly inspired by several thinkers, researchers and authors on innovation and strategy. It is only by studying their work we have been able to develop ours. While much is done, even more remains before we are fully satisfied with the process and framework.

For now, however, we are happy to state that the Innovation Pyramid

is a tool to develop a shared language, shared understanding and shared action around innovation.

is both a strategy tool and a fun process to challenge the organization to dream bigger, drive change and make innovation happen.

along with visual thinking facilitation, helps companies innovate how they innovate.

We are now working up an academic journal article, outlining the development behind and the application of the Innovation Pyramid. Stay tuned.

For a selection of references, please see:

Model structure and content
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Design workshop (2011a) Action research workshop. Stavanger, Norway
Design workshop (2011b) Action research workshop, Stavanger, Norway
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Visual thinking design
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Creative Commons License
The Innovation Pyramid by Rangen, Christian and Ovstebo, Elisabeth is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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