Re:thinking management education at BI Stavanger. Join us on April 10th 2012

How can we make our management education even more inspiring and challenging? How can we engage and inspire our students to dream bigger about their own leadership careers? How can we bridge the gap between education and practice? How can we bring experienced HR executives into the learning process, not as top-down speakers, but as equal, curious learners? How can we teach emerging theories on organization and leadership from firms like Facebook, Google and Twitter? How can we help today’s leading companies reinvent their HR-practices for tomorrow? How do we re:think management education?

Those were the questions buzzing around after a keynote presentation I held this week. Well, after posing those questions in my executive teaching sessions, the answer emerged. It all begins April 10th. At BI Stavanger.

Welcome to Management teaching innovation, welcome to BI Management Innovation Lab’s first ever event Re:Think Leadership.

What would happen if we took 200+ highly engaged first year students in “Organization and leadership” – their first year course in leadership; and invited 60 + experienced HR executives. Now, instead of having the HR executives lecture to the students, what if we put them in group and put them to work to solve the challenges of creating next generation leadership? What if the HR executives could listen and learn from today’s 21-year olds, and the students could get a taste of leadership development in the real world? What if solving cases – together – on leadership in today’s most modern and most innovative organizations, could lead both the executives and the students to come away fired up, highly inspired and motivated to master the challenges of creating next generation’s leadership?

That could be fun, we thought……

So, welcome to our first ever BI Management innovation lab workshop. April 10th 2012, 9:00 – 12:00, we have the great pleasure of making this happen. Greatly inspired by The Management Innovation Exchange, we re:think leadership development – starting with today’s 21¬-year olds.

Sign up for this first ever, free, workshop today.

We have already invited HR Executives from Statoil, Halliburton, GDF Suez, Aibel, Sandnes Kommune, SR-Bank, Lyse, Skagen Fondene and more…
The students are all in the first year of business school education at BI Stavanger.

Program April 10th 09:00 – 12:00

Welcome and introduction

Introduction lecture: Management innovation today

Groupwork: Case work in mixed groups with students and HR executives (plenty of time for discussions). Presentations of cases.Cases will focus on emerging theories and current ideas for manging highly skilled and highly creative organizations. Cases are selected for optimal learning for all participants.

Shared learning points for HR executives and students.

We encourage everyone to read “Management Moonshots” in preparation for the day.

– and yes, we are using open social media plattform, Facebook, to organize the event. Sign up here.


Christian Rangen
Full-time lecturer, BI – Norwegian Business School

Partner, Engage // Innovate


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