Young in Statoil Innovation Seminar

I recently had the great pleasure of giving a keynote presentation to the next generation of leaders at Statoil. The topic: innovation, including management innovation, Dream Bigger and Pirate Thinking.

A great crowd of 100 – 120 young Statoil employees – all next generation leaders at the company, joined the two hour session. My initial keynote presentation gave way to some superb questions from the audience. It is fantastic to be able to spend time and listen to these everyday challenges of young executives re:thinking fast track processes and young project leaders dealing with existing dinosaurs and trying to embed their own pirate thinking and really drive the innovation efforts in Statoil.

I hope my contribution can drive some more pirate thinking. Following initial impressions, both the Twitter feed, Linkedin and Facebook accounts lit up with comments, feedback and discussions. Thanks, everyone, for the input and energy (see some Twitter comments below).

A handful of Twitter comments.

Young in Statoil Innovation Seminar

One thought on “Young in Statoil Innovation Seminar

  1. […] Thursday afternoon was an event I had been looking forward to for some time; the Innovation seminar at Young in Statoil. These guys are the next generation leadership at Statoil, and getting invited to give a keynote presentation on innovation is a great honor. My two hour talk covered “Dream Bigger”, “The Dinosaur and the Pirate” and how you can create management innovation in your own team or department. Read more about the Innovation Seminar here. […]

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