Four great conference presentations

In preparation for a series of upcoming conferences, I’ve been asked to suggest a couple of potential keynote presentations, their core issues and key take-aways. Here are four suggested topics.

Educating Pirates How one renegade business school teacher & management consultant train the innovators of tomorrow
The Innovation Pyramid: a toolkit to boost innovation in any organization
Becoming a Corporate Rebel Changing your life from the path of the Dinosaur to Pirate Thinking
The people side of innovation: Why every innovation effort starts in your head

Educating Pirates
– How one renegade business school teacher & management consultant train the innovators of tomorrow
Facebook, Apple, Microsoft were all founded by “kids”, 19-20 years olds. Our problem is that most 20-year olds spend their days wasting away in business schools and Universities; educational institutions that teach them the existing paradigm, not the next paradigm. This is the story of how one renegade business school teacher and management consultant applied pirate thinking to innovating the next generation of innovative pirates.

Key take-aways:
– How our existing educational paradigm destroy, rather than create innovative business leaders
– How one business school teacher apply innovation thinking to training future innovators
– How you can change educational paradigm to train your future innovators
– How Pirate thinking can boost confidence, creativity and innovation in business school students worldwide

The Innovation Pyramid
– a toolkit to boost innovation in any organization

Most organizations need to dramatically increase their innovation capability. This is how.
Most companies wish they were more innovative.
85 % of executives rank innovation as a top five priority.
But few leaders have the training…
Few executives have built the culture…
Few companies have the tools…
…to lead innovation.

Enter, the Innovation Pyramid.

The Innovation Pyramid…
• …is a tool for making leaders, employees and their companies significantly increase their innovation capability.
• …is a tool to develop a shared language, shared understanding and shared action around innovation.
• …is both a strategy tool and a fun process to challenge the organization to dream bigger, drive change and make innovation happen.
• … along with visual thinking facilitation, helps companies innovate how they innovate.
Over the last year, and increasing number of Scandinavian firms have started applying the Innovation Pyramid as a key innovation tool. Christian Rangen will take you through an exciting presentation/workshop to teach you how you can apply the Innovation Pyramid to boost innovation in your own organization.

Key take-aways:
– A shared tool for innovation
– A shared language for innovation in any organization
– You will take away a complete toolkit to help you innovate how you innovate in your own organization.

Becoming a Corporate Rebel
– Changing your life from the path of the Dinosaur to Pirate Thinking
Twitter #Piratethinking

Every day, Christian goes to work to make innovation happen. He consults, teaches and coaches on strategic innovation, radical innovation and re:thinking leadership. On the way he meets two types of people; the Dinosaur and the Pirate.

Christian will show you how you can identify the Dinosaurs and Pirates in your own organization and your own life. He will show you how you can transform your path from that of the Dinosaur and inject more Pirate thinking into your own life. Our number one challenge is the fact that Pirate thinking is not being taught in our schools. It is not being taught in our business schools or Universities, and it is most certainly not being applauded in most organization.
Because Pirate thinking is the very essence of innovation, of dreaming and doing things differently – and becoming a corporate rebel starts with yourself. And it all begins with the story of the Dinosaur and the Pirate…

Key takeaways:
The audience will…
• Understand why great firms fail
• Realize the principle of disruptive innovation
• Discover the people side of disruptive innovation
• Understand why some people are Dinosaurs
• Find the engagement and passion within themselves to become true Pirates
• Get started on their own #Piratethinking

The people side of innovation
– Why every innovation effort starts in your head

Working with executive teams, it becomes increasingly clear that most barriers to innovation are already in the room. The single biggest barrier to making innovation happen is not “the organization”, it is not “a lack of time or money”, it is the existing mental models within each individual in the team or organization. Exposing these dominant mental models is the very first step to any innovation success.
Gary Hamel believes “The real brake on innovation is the drag of old mental models” and Richard Seymour says ‘’There are tons of things we could have done years ago; if we only could have imagined it”. Bettina von Stamm states “Innovation is about changing one’s frame of mind”.

So, how, then, can we train executives and the aspiring leaders of tomorrow to Dream Bigger and Think Different? How can we dramatically increase corporate imagination in the executive suite? How can we reframe people’s mind to kick-start innovation?

Using a combination of innovation thinking and NLP, Christian Rangen will reveal how you can expose existing mental models in a team. How you can significantly help executives develop new mental models. How any team can Dream Bigger and boost corporate imagination. And why every innovation effort starts in your head. The goal: to dramatically enhance leaders’ ability to imagine, to Dream Bigger and create a different future.

Key take-aways:
– Understand the number one barrier to innovation
– Realize why every innovation starts in your head
– Learn how you can train people to Dream Bigger and increase corporate imagination
– Discover how NLP skills help you become a more fantastic innovation coach

These are my four suggestions.
What are your thoughts?


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