Great first day here in Zurich

Sometimes you experience days where you think “I wish I could take it all in”. Yesterday was one of those days. With a fully packed program here at “The Front End of Innovation” conference, there was plenty to take in.

The morning kicked off with an intimate look at Google’s innovation engine. (a longer blog coming). Next IBM shared its perspective on “Socially Synergestic Enterprise”; looking at ways to improve internal and external collaboration using social media.

Two banks, BBVA and Radobank, shared their experiences using innovation to reinvent their banking business models. BBVA, with 110.000 employees, had a lot of valuable insight Norwegian banks could learn from. Perhaps most revealing was the fact that BBVA exited Brazil some years ago, now considering going back in. But this time considering buying a Brazilian mobile phone company; their goal: reinvent banking from the bottom up in Brazil. Led by a global innovation team, the bank was doing some very interesting stuff. Watch BBVA in the coming years

Our afternoon session was led by Swisslog’s Innovation Manager, sharing the five year journey to embed innovation into the organization (more details coming in separate blogpost)

To round of the day, BWM’s Chief Designer Benois Jacob shared his story of the upcoming BMW concept car i3.

Now, day two.

Great first day here in Zurich

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