Social Media as a Leadership Tool

Social Media as a Leadership Tool: Lederskolen 5 min from Christian Rangen on Vimeo.

On March 2nd I was invited to give a Keynote speech on “Using Social Media as a Leadership Tool” for Lederskolen. Lederskolen is a collaboration between BI Stavanger and Stavanger Chamber. You can view the slides here.

Now, as this was a speech on social media, Why not run it as an social experiment; or rather, a social, collaborative learning experience. Hence, the Twitter Hashtag #lederskolen. What happened next was beyond my wildest expectations. Leading up the the keynote itself, the Twitter discussion picked up. I posted some preview videos, exclusive for Twitter. I posted the slides a day in advance, and #lederskolen lit up.

But truly amazing was the Twitter interaction between complete strangers (well, prior to the event) using #lederskolen to interact, discuss and give their input. Following the two hour sesssion, the interaction kept up with comments, feedbacks and the first few people starting to pick up the six recommended text books. Truly amazing. Using Twitter as a collaborative learning tool really helps shift the balance of power from the lecturer to the audience. We’ll do lots more of that as we reinvent tomorrow’s business school education today.

You can read most of the Tweets in the following slides. Or better yet, join yourself on #lederskolen.

Social Media as a Leadership Tool

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