Educating our future innovators

Education and innovation rarely go hand in hand. In fact, the educational industry is generally considered to be low and slow when it comes to innovation. Young people “learn how to innovate most often despite their schooling—not because of it”, writes Tony Wagner. Wagner, a former high school teacher, now Professor at Harvard Business School on education and innovation has researched innovation in education for a number of years. Now, he’s publishing his work. It is a must read for everyone and everyone concerned with educating our future innovators.

Educating the Next Steve Jobs
– How can schools teach students to be more innovative? Offer hands-on classes and don’t penalize failure
is the title of his Wall Street Journal essay. It is a brilliant piece on what we need to do to change our educational strucutures to build future innovators.

Wagner’s book “Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World” is coming out April 24th. It should be on everyone’s reading list this spring.

You can also check out the website, Future Innovators.

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I’m writing this, reflecting, during the StartUp Weekend Finals in Stavanger. I’ll be posting several blogs around StartUp Weekend and learnings from it. Thanks.

Educating our future innovators

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