Goodbye Sony

Sony, Kodak, Dell, HP, SAS, Panasonic, Microsoft……All great firms – or rather former great firms. Today they are all struggeling to adapt to quickly changing (disrupted) marketplaces.

I just came across this article laying out another great examples of how “great firms go bad”. Read Sayonara Sony: How Industrial, MBA-Style Leadership Killed a Once Great Company. Also recommended to check out the author’s, Adam Hartung’s, blog.

Goodbye Sony

One thought on “Goodbye Sony

  1. Mike says:

    Microsoft is an interesting albeit different case from the others mentioned: here is a company that waits in the wings to see where technology is heading, then tries to establish itself dead-center. Part of Microsoft’s core competence has always been standardizing technology to the common denominator. In the past, they partnered with Kodak…and that ended up not working, at least not for Kodak. Just a few months ago, Miscrosoft bought 800+ patents from AOL, an also ran. But there may be some nuggets in there. And while the collaboration with Nokia may be too late to make Windows competitive against the Apple and Android platforms, the Barnes & Noble partnership looks very promising.

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