Back in our Brazilian office

We’ve been back in our Brazilian office for over a week now.
It is an absolute delight. Our passion for Brazil is only growing.

Last year we opened up Villa Vista Taiba, as our Brazilian Management camp, bringing the first executive client team for an extensive strategy seminar. This year, we’re not bringing any clients.

Instead, we bring paper, lots and lots of paper. We’ve packed some eight Moleskin Notebooks, some 3000 pages of notes and sketches and, of course, three copies of “Dream Bigger: Your Personal Innovation Sketchbook”. All of it containing our on-going research and background work for our upcoming book “Strategy Tools for the Next Generation”. Due late 2013, we plan to spend the coming weeks for a deep dive into the material we have collected.

Over the coming 80+ days we aim to write, reflect, surf, kitesurf, meet up with our Brazilian friends and have ample time to think, chill and generally enjoy the Brazilian lifestyle.  Our daily batch of homegrown coconuts are a daily fix as we slowly adapt to the local conditions.  As one of my colleagues at BI Norwegian Business School recently said: “simply enjoy”.


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