Dream Bigger: shipping in record numbers

SHL Dubai, Fokus Bank, Statoil, Cisco, SR-Bank, Halliburton, DNB, Kaospilots, Peanuts, Webstep and Noreco are just some of the firms getting their hands on “Dream Bigger: Your Personal Innovation Sketchbook” in its first ten days. Already, the team behind the book has shipped 40 per cent of the first edition and the second edition is already being planned.

Dubai, The US, Germany, Brazil and Denmark are some of the countries receiving the book these hectic first weeks.  We particularly love the fact that a lot of early readers have come back to buy ten-packs for their teams. The book ships in packs of ten, so it’s an easy order for anyone.

We are also happy to hear some of the early reviews:

“A masterpiece”
– Kaospilot, IT-consultant

“Sheets of paper has never brought so much inspiration. Consider me a Pirate!’’
– Project Manager

“Love it! Where can I get more for my team?”
– Leadership developer

What are your thoughts? Join the Book’s Facebook Group and connect on Twitter. Join us a Dream Bigger hops around the globe.

Remember; “There are no limits but the self-imposed”

Dream Bigger: shipping in record numbers

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