New face; new ambitions at Engage // Innovate

We are proud to announce Kristian Reinertsen joining us as Project Manager. Kristian will be in charge of global social media, marketing and sales of Dream Bigger: Your Personal Innovation Sketchbook. He’ll be running the project from May to late August.

Read his excellent introduction to the book’s growing Facebook Group:

I haven’t formally introduced myself to all of you who’ve joined Christian Rangen’s Dream Bigger group. So here’s the short introduction:

As you well can see, my name is Kristian Reinertsen, and I am one of the student mass at BI Norwegian Business School. I’m currently undertaking my second year of a Bachelor in Marketing Management.

On the side, I’m a 21-year old father to an amazing son who’s about to turn 3. Going into our sixth year, me and his mom is still together, planning to get ourselves a lovely house somewhere in Stavanger (hopefully, before I major at BI).

So why am I here?

I would describe myself as an open individual. I speak my mind. I openly say out my dreams, and I pursue them with passionate eager and empathy.

Some would say I was lucky to have the opportunity to get Christian’s course “Innovation & Entrepeneurship” at BI, and by chance; deeply relate to it’s content, thinking and possibilities. I would agree.

Much of what’s been talked about: Innovation, Creativity, Passion, Reframing, Restructuring, Design-thinking, Re:thinking, Pirate Thinking, Think Different-thinking and so much more; resonnates with something inside me.

I believe “Innovation” (which is a subject on “everybody’s” agenda today) will rewoke the “humanities”; as it becomes an integral part of ethics, of philosophy and change in business cultures around the world. It captures a part of the human spirit, or as Keynes’ would put it: A part of our animal spirits.

Long story short, I’ve been asked by Christian to try out this project. I happily said yes, knowing that I didn’t know very much of how to market a book. All that I did know, was that it’s a really cool book. I wrote a short review of it, which I will post after this.

My personal goal this summer: Create engagement and conversation around the book’s value proposition: “Inspire to do more; Dream Bigger”. And of course, to sell a helluva lot of books…

“Imagine if every one of your employees, at every level, and at every location, had been trained in the principles, skills and tools of innovation.”
– Skarzinsky & Gibson

That’s our goal with Dream Bigger, and it will continue with “Strategy Tools for The Next Generation” next year. Consider this a preview. A start on the journey towards better understanding (“beyond the buzz-word”) of the mind-set that drives businesses forward into successful adventures.

I hope you guys will join us. Please post anything you find interesting on the subject. I will be commenting. We want pictures, sketches, inspirational quotes, YouTube clips, personal experiences, stories etc.. We’re also interested in how you use or are planning to use your very own Personal Innovation Sketchbook!

You can connect with him at @DreamBiggerBook.

Welcome onboard.


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