Strategic Innovation Canvas 0.1

The Strategic Innovation Canvas is taken from the forthcoming book
‘’Strategy Tools for the Next Generation’’ (2014).  It is one of 32  strategy, innovation and management tools. We call them tools for the future.

The canvas is deeply inspired by emerging trends, research
and recent work done in the fields of strategy and innovation.
We build on many others. We hope others will build on ours.

Today we work with the strategic innovation canvas across a multitude of companies. Executives across industries are learning to solve their strategic challenges using it. For every case, we learn more, we develop it further.  We share as we go, inviting others to learn too.

Only days after first posting the Norwegian language version on Slideshare we got inspiring requests for an english language version. We are only happy to help. We fundementally believe in sharing and open-source. That’s why all our work is done under the CC – Creative Commons philosophy. We hope it can be helpful.

Strategy Tools for the next Generation is now live. Have a look. Catch some of the tools we’re developing. Download and test for yourself.Share your stories.In short. Welcome.

On the site you are welcome to download all the tools, as we develop them. You’ll find high quality PDF and JPG files. Enjoy.

Strategic Innovation Canvas 0.1

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