Pro Skolen going national

Congratulations, friends

Engage // Innovate is superstoked to congratulate our friends, partners and clients Sparebank 1 – SR-Bank and BI – Norwegian Business School with the national lauch of PRO-Skolen. PRO-Skolen is one small, but very important step toward bringing more knowledge, more creativity and more innovation thinking into Norwegian Small and medium-sized businesses. Now, for the first time, PRO-Skolen is going national.

Engage // Innovate is superpleased to be able to assist in this work. As lecturer on the topics of Innovation, Marketing and Change Manamgement, we have seen first-hand the value PRO-Skolen brings to companies, large and small.

We hope 2013 brings record-number PRO-participants and look forward to working hard to make PRO-Skolen a world leading case study in how traditional banks are moving into an increasingly stronger role as professional, trusted advisor to their clients.

Making innovation happen, drive positive change and implement digital, social marketing strategies: Let the future of PRO-Skolen happen!



Imagine from Pro-Skolen, Odda, October 2012

Pro Skolen going national

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