Dumb Ways to Die: perfect case of Social Media

Dumb ways to die. I absolutley love this little tune. Impressive to think of it has nearly 22 million views in less ten days. Even more so, when you realize this is a public information campaign by the Australian Metro service. Bravo!

One of my students mentioned this video earlier this week. Next week I’m giving a keynote talk on Winning in Social Media. Hence, I’m doing extensive research into leading ideas in social media marketing.  I have to tip my hat off to the Australian Metro. This is a perfect example of new generation thinking in communications and social technologies.

The campaign uses an integrated social strategy. The .com website and youtube channel are the two main plattforms. But the campaign also uses Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter to generate viral effect. It is a perfect case study in integrated social technologies.

The traffic on Twitter alone is worth studying indepth for its global reach and viral chatter. Amazing, really.

Developed by John Mescall, Executive Creative Director at Mccann Australia, the campaign has been picked up in the global press as it goes viral. But this is a perfect example of a marketing/communication campaign designed to go viral. Dumb Ways to Die; a case study in the future of marketing communications.


Kolumbus could learn a thing or two….

Dumb Ways to Die: perfect case of Social Media

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