HMV #SoMe case; to good to be true

In working with companies to help them understand the strategic value of social media, case studies are superbly helpful.
Good or bad, the right case study will generate learning for everyone.

Tonight I came across “Don’t Fire An Employee And Leave Them In Charge Of The Corporate Twitter Account“. It’s a fantastic story.

“Yesterday HMV, the beleaguered British entertainment retailer, laid off 190 employees, in an effort to cut costs and right its balance sheet. The company apparently pulled a large group into human resources and gave them the bad news. While this was going on, one employee, Poppy Rose, who had been an HMV community manager and thus had access to the corporate Twitter account, started live tweeting about the layoffs….”





















Read the whole story on Forbes or follow the hashtag #hmvxfactorfiring and connect with @poppy_powers.

Perhaps I’ll have to invite @poppy_powers to one of my upcoming executive classes on #SoMe? She would make an excellent case study…

















HMV #SoMe case; to good to be true

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