Congratulations, Cisco!

Congratulations, Cisco, with the Management Innovation eXchange, MIX Innovating Innovation First Place. Great example of transforming established organization with engagement, ideas, energy, creativity and innovation.

Cisco’s case is one of the very few in-depth case studies on how to build innovation as a deep, organizational competence. Case studies like P&G, Whirlpool and Google are frequently used in our teaching and consulting. Now, we can add Cisco to the mix.

Integrated strategy

What truly sets Cisco apart, is the overarching, integrated approch to their innovation strategy.

Cisco -1

Four Vectors of Innovation

  • Vector 1: Build Capability. Prepare the organization through training, tools, metrics, and leadership commitment.
  • Vector 2: Ignite the Base. Activate and sustain broad engagement.
  • Vector 3: Imagine the Future. Seek and drive opportunities with long-term impact.
  • Vector 4: Change the Customer Conversation. Co-create with customers to help them solve their toughest business challenges while showcasing Cisco collaboration capabilities.

Cisco MIX

Only a small handful of organizations worldwide has this approach to developing innovation as an organizational capability. Many, many can learn from Cisco and their case study ”Unleashing Inclusice Innovation at Cisco“.

(All images from Cisco’s case study)

Congratulations, Cisco!

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