Discussing Strategy Tools for the Next Generation

This blogpost shares a discussion following our Sparking Strategic Innovation Workshop in Copenhagen this March.
It shows how we are constantly learning, developing and expanding our understanding of the various strategy and innovation tools once we put them into the field.


Hi again,
It’s great to hear from you.
I hope you and your family had a great eastern. Here it was sunshine all around.

Thanks also for your helpful comments. This is much appreciated.

It’s fantastic to hear you’ve used several of the tools already. Experiement and learn, that’s much to our liking 🙂

You also touch on something that is right on the top of our plate; the how-to use guides for each tool. It’s something we are busy at work on these days. For what it’s worth, here’s a few pointers from our side.

Change ladder (Change stairs)
Most of the classic literature on change managemenet is “change is difficult”. But, there’s also a substansial body of knowledge around the ”positive sides of change”. Problem is, few executives and managers are trained in this aspect. This tool highlights the various phases of change; toward the positive, or towards the negative and opens up for the facilitation of ”how to drive engagement towards the positive sides of change?”. Or more simply; “How might we make change fun”?

Spider Web (or A Holistic View on Innovation; in search for a better name…..)
This innovation mapping tool is gaining more and more traction in large, diverse groups within the same company to get a shared understanding of the company’s innovation capabilities. It can be used in multiple ways:
– One-to-one coaching
Great for reflection and discussion.

– Large group interventions
Indidvidual profiling, then sticking the posters to the wall.
Recently ran a workshop in this with Aker Solutions Leadership Forum with great results.
Opens up excellent discussions on our company’s strenghts and weaknesses in the area of innovation capability.

– Employee survey
The 18 items can be set up as a analytical tool, through an online, employee survey. This works well to get a significant data set, for analysis. yet, it does not provide the action we sorely need to drive innovation capabilities. So far, we have not used this tool in this manner, but it’s easy to set up and design.

Project Selection (Action Road Map)
Probably our most important tool.
Going from ”just great ideas” to ”execution and all action”. All innovation efforts need this execution drive.

The Action Road Map has three categories,
– Easy: can get done by Monday
– Impact: will have powerful effect! Wow!
– Fun: this would be so much fun to do

This design allows for a balance in the execution portfolio. It also forces groups to balance “right now! completed by Monday”, with the more long-term aspects. The fun part is, well, just fun. But hence also more likely to have a long-term positive influence on the group and group dynamics itself. Celebrate this last one wildly!

I hope these comments where useful.
We are working on expanding this ”how-to” text online.

Let us hear what you think about these inital comments.

Keep up the Experiment & Learn mind-set.

All the best,


Discussing Strategy Tools for the Next Generation

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