Back to the World Innovation Convention ’13

Sneak preview: We’re heading back to Cannes and the World Innovation Convention! Workshop on ”Your Innovation Toolkit

WIC12 Panel

Last november, we had the sincere pleasure of running “The Innovation Pyramid” workshop at the World Innovation Convention in Cannes.

A global mix of innovators, ranging from Indian-based CEO’s, Australian innovation coaches, Middle Eastern Military Officers (!) and North American Innovation Heroes, all joined for an intense 90 minute workshop. Fantastic fun. Great learning. and powerful, visual innovation tools for everybody.

Last week we got the invitation to come back. We’re stoked. This November, we’ll run “Your Innovation Toolkit” and present the global mix pf participants with a series of powerful innovation tools they can put to work in their own organization.

The Strategic Innovation Canvas and Three Levels of Business Models are two of the tools we’ll present.


For now, catch up on this fantastic innovation event at World Innovation Convention 2013. 

About the World Innovation Convention

The World Innovation Convention in picturesque Cannes is the most popular and pioneering platform for global innovators who particularly join to collaborate with their industry peers, and proven experts for 3 action packed days.

Back to the World Innovation Convention ’13

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