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It’s been five weeks since our last blogpost. That’s some kind of record. The last few weeks have been filled with fantastic workshops, ideas and learning . Client projects and creative design processses have kept us busy, day and night. Here’s a handful of our latest fun stuff:

 – Digital transformation project for the Norwegian book industry

– Strategy training for a multinational energy firm

– Developing ”Social Media and Digital Business Models”, our latest  BI Executive program 

– Developing the six day executive program ”Strategic innovation in the global oil & gas industry”, starting this October

– ”Hunting for strategic innovation”, a handful of Leaderhip Summits at another global energy firm

– Six different keynote talks on leadership, innovation and digital change. 

– Attending the fantastic Business Design Summit in Berlin. An absolutlelyworld-class, stunning event.

– Sketching and testing the next set of Strategy Tools for the Next Generation.

…and on top of this having a blast with 16 months old, Alexander Marselius, who’s just learning to sprint….and gaining his first experiences in running away from home…..

Yeah. Good times all around.

Back to blogging

2 thoughts on “Back to blogging

  1. chrirafn says:

    jeg er imponert over hva du/ dere fr til!

    Selv om setningen: ”stuffed with .stuff” klart kan bli bedre. 🙂


    Den May 25, 2013 kl. 11:15 AM skrev Engage // Innovate’s Blog:

    > >

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