Celebrating the first 20

This spring we celebrate the first 20 years of the modern Internet. Imagine what the next 20 will bring.


The May issue of Wired Magazine (below) celebrates the first 20 years of the modern Internet. The magazine, also on its 20th anniversary, looks back at 20 amazing years of digital transformation.

In the magazine’s first editor, Louis Rossetto wrote, “There are a lot of magazines about technology. WIRED is not one of them. WIRED is about the most powerful people on the planet today: the Digital Generation.” On this, our 20th anniversary, the time has come to reflect on this generation of leaders, thinkers, and makers. These people, their companies, and their ideas have shaped the future we live in today. Below, we’ve gathered stories for, by, and about the people who have shaped the planet’s past 20 years—and will continue driving the next.(from Wired.com)


We’ve previously (and frequently) talked about our society standing ca. 20 years into a massive 100 year wave; digitalizaton. The effects, possibilities and massive disruptions are still only in their early, formative years.

20 y

What comes next, over the next 20, the next 50, the next 70 will be fantastic to witness.

Disruptive innovation is likely to continue to hit industry after industry as new technologies and new innovations come to market. We all know how the media-, movie- and music industries have faced disruption since the mid-1990’s. What most people haven’t seen yet, are the massive disruptions that are just starting to hit a range of new industries, including recruiting-, television-, publishing- and groceryindustries,For an excellent article on this, we recommend Wessel and Christensen’s ”Survivinng Disruption

And we urge executives to grasp the opportunities that happen as digital business models grow up in established industries.

This is the essence of our upcoming Executive education program, ”Social Media and Digital Business Models”. If you enjoy this blopost, we enjoy you to join us for three days in Oslo this October. Here we will explore emerging trends and new opportunites at the intersection of social media, digital transformation and new business models. At this intersection, Scandinavian firms are only just beginning to explore and understand a fantastic future.

Yet, while we celebrate the first 20 years of the modern Internet, it’s also worth remembering that it goes back much further. We recently came across the fantastic blog/book ‘Roads and Crossroads of the Internet History” by Gregory Gromov.

Here Gromov writes, 1858:” In the beginning was the Cable…“. According to Gromov,”The Atlantic cable of 1858 and Sputnik of 1957 were two basic  milestone of the Internet prehistory”.

Fast forward to today, and we’re seeing an internet that will continue to morph, change and evolve into something very different in the next 80 years.

Imagine, Google Glass is just the beginning.

Celebrating the first 20

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