Dreaming Bigger

Our goal is to help you and your company Dream Bigger
– and execute successfully.


October 2011 we started working on our most recent book, Dream Bigger.
We designed it as an Innovation Sketchbook  (See Amazon for 500+ examples of ‘‘sketchbook”).
Yet, the overarching goal was to  help companies Dream Bigger and develop the innovation capability to achieve those dreams.

Since, we’ve seen a number of companies and writers talk about Big Dreams. In March we blogged ”A CEO who can Dream Bigger: Larry Page“.

More recently, IMD Professor Bill Fischer writes in his Forbes column;

How Big Are Your Dreams?

In it, Bill states:  ”Organizations that dream bigger than others, innovate better than others”.

We love Bill and the work he does at IMD. His program ”Driving Strategic Innovation” is one of the most high-profiled executive education innovation programs around. His recent book, Reinventing Giants, is a well written, in-depth case study on deep, strategic transformation. We’re big fans of his work. So, when Bill writes ”Dreaming is most definitely a leadership responsibility!”, we’re more than happy to agree!

Enjoy the full ”How Big Are Your Dreams?” at Forbes.com.

Dreaming Bigger

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