Great case: Transforming Korea Telecom

We’re big fans of the Mix – Management Innovation Exchange. It’s a fantastic platform for sharing and developing ideas around management innovation, HR, strategy and innovation.


Recently, our friends at Strategos was featured in a transformation case they worked on with Korea Telecom.
This is a great case and a wonderful example of the holistic perspective required to succesfully lead large-scale transformations.

For special interest, we invite you to read the in-depth case by Julian Birkinshaw and Ken Mark.

Great case: Transforming Korea Telecom

#Livewic in just 13 days

We’re excited to be counting the days untill the opening of World Innovation Convention 2013. The updated program just hit our inbox and it looks great. Google, 3M, Xerox, Nokia, Nokia Siemens, Trendwatching, Phillips and DSM are just some of the excellent innovation heroes present. Here’s a sneak preview and feel free to download the full program here

WIC cover

WIC day 1

WIC Google



#Livewic in just 13 days

A line-up of new workshops


Over the last few months we’ve been hard at working in developing new workshops around our strategy & innovation tools.

We’ve been working with companies like Statoil, Aker Solutions and Tekna to test and refine our concepts. We’ve held keynote talks for companies like Siemenes, Schibsted/Stavanger Aftenblad, Aarbakke and Atea to share our thinking.

At the same time we’ve been invited back to both the World Innovation Convention and the Front End of Innovation to run new innovation workshops.

We are pleased to share our new work and hope to see many of you at some of these amazing innovation events.


Making [X]happen” and ”Your Innovation Toolkit” are both developed for the World Innovation Convention in Cannes. A global platform for innovation leaders, the WIC is a superb arena to share, launch, test and experiement with new workshop formats. These two are both designed to give hands-on training in making innovation happen in established organizations.


Front End of Innovation is one of Europe’s leading innovation event. For 2014, The World Leader in Advancing Innovation invite global innovators to join in both Munich (february) and Venice (March). Google, Samsung, IBM, HP and McLaren are just some of the top cases to be presented. Innovation experts Rowan Gibson (author of the excellent ”Innovation to the core” and Navi Radjou and John Bessant will share some of their latest thinking.

We are excited to run two half-day workshops. Our goal: help global innovators make innovation happen.We focus on powerful, hands-on, learning. and will help people master new visual innovation tools. Welcome. and hope to see you in 2014.

Learn more about the upcoming workshop Your future innovation tools: Strategy Tools for the Next Generation

Run these workshops in-house?

Are you interested in learning new strategy & innovation tools?
Are your company looking for new ways of creating strategy?
Do you want to make innovation happen faster?
Contact us to see how we can run these workshops at your company.


A line-up of new workshops