Learning to work differently with strategy – January 29 workshop in Stavanger


We invite a small group of CEO’s, senior business leaders and board members for a full day on ‘’how to think and work differently with strategy’’. In collaboration with Tesla Motors, Statoil’s international strategy team, Zaptec and 40 highly engaged senior business leaders, we will give you the tools, thinking models and examples to develop and execute your company’s strategy differently.


Learn more at the offical event site or e-mail us today for your early-bird special.

Program highlights: 

– Learn how strategy is rapidly changing from analysis to continuous innovation and change

– Learn the changing leadership role required to handle business model innovation

– Get new, powerful tools for leading strategy & innovation at your company

– Hear from Statoil DPI Head of Strategy, Kristian Fjelde, how Statoil’s international business is driving and learning strategy

– Discover the story and strategy behind Tesla Motor’s amazing success,in an in-depth case study

– Learn from one of the world’s premier visual strategy facilitators, who’s spent the last four years travelling the globe to help clients design, visualize and communicate strategy differently

– Hear Zaptec CEO, Brage W. Johansen, outline the strategy for mission to mars

– Discuss strategy & innovation at the board level with fellow bord members

Sign up today for the early bird special
Sign up before January 15th for only NOK 5999,-
After January 15th, Full workshop fee NOK 8000,- applies

Sign up at the official event site: www.amiando.com/stftng or email elisabeth@engage-innovate.com.


Enjoy special test drive of a Tesla Model S  In collaboration with our friends at Tesla, we’re bringing a few Tesla Model S to the party. Grab the opportunity to test drive your Tesla.

Find out first hand why this is the ‘’car of the year in 2013’’ – and learn the story and strategy behind the company.

Unique toolkit 
Learn how to work with a series of new, visual strategy & innovation tools – developed in the action research program, Strategy Tools for the Next Generation.

Unique preview

This workshop is a unique preview of Engage // Innovate’s upcoming workshop ‘’Strategy Tools for the Next Generation’’,
to be held at one of Europe’s leading innovation conferences, The Front End of Innovation in Munich, feb 2014 and Venice, March 2014.

Strategy Book of the Year 2013

The first three participants will receive a free copy of ‘’Strategy Book of the YEAR 2013’’ The End of Competitive Advantage by Rita McGrath.

Speakers _ Learning to work differently with strategy

Workshop program

08:00 Coffee’s ready & test drive your Tesla Model S before our 09:00 start

09:00 Welcome: a full day of strategic thinking
Introductions by Christian Rangen & Elisabeth Øvstebø, Founders, Engage // Innovate and Strategy Tools for the Next Generation (#stftng).
09:02 Hands-on, action session: Visualizing Strategy a game-changing leadership skill
Hands-on, get active with visual thinking and doing
09:25 Strategy: the Big Picture 
The world of strategy is facing significant change. Senior leadership need to rethink their idea of strategy. Christian Rangen will give an insight into the world of strategy today. This talk will also give you the key points from ‘’Strategy Book of the Year 2013’’.
09:50 How Statoil’s international business is driving and learning strategy
Speaker: Kristian Fjelde, Head of Strategy, Statoil Development & Production International
10:15 Coffee & networking Break
10:35 Case study: Amazon.com vs. the rest 
See how the driving philosophy of continuous innovation has taken Amazon.com from an internet bookstore in 1994 to one of the world’s leading companies today – and why CEO Jeff Bezos repeatedly has been named CEO of the Year and most recently ‘’CEO of the Decade’’ by Harvard Business Review.
10:50 Hands-on, action session: Strategy as innovation
Putting the Strategic Innovation Canvas to work as your premier visual strategy tool. The Strategic Innovation Canvas is one of the core tools developed by the action research program, Strategy Tools for the Next Generation.

11:50 Case study: ‘’Tesla Motors: the story and strategy’’‘’
Car of the Year 2013’’, ‘’Best Car ever tested’’, ‘’Most stylish car of 2014’’.‘’Elon Musk, CEO, Fortune’s Business Person of the Year 2013’’ Tesla Motors is a company that should not have existed – according to the car industry’s dominant logic. Yet, in less than two years the company has disrupted the car industry and redefined what is possible. Learn the story and the strategy behind Tesla’s amazing success.
Case study presented by Christian Rangen, Engage // Innovate

12:15  Networking lunch & test drive your Tesla Model S

13:30 Case study: Google and three levels of business models
Learn the key mechanisms behind the new strategy phenomenon, cycling through multiple business models, using the case study of Google’s multiple business models.

13:45 Hands-on, action session: From one to multiple business models 
Work in breakout groups to develop a portfolio of business models for your own company. Get hands-on with the strategy tool Three Levels of Business Models.
14:45 Coffee & networking break
15:05 Strategy for Misson to Mars
When the ambition is Mission to Mars, a new mindset for strategy is required. Game-changing technology and radical strategic ideas come together in the Stavanger-based start-up, Zaptec. Hear how Zaptec CEO Brage W. Johansen is handling multiple and highly ambitious business models when developing strategy for today and the future.

15:30 Visualizing strategy: my experiences around the world 
With more than four  years’ experience travelling the world helping companies visualize, design and communicate strategy; Holger will share stories, examples and with stunning ease, help you work differently with strategy. Speaker: Holger Nils Pohl, visual strategy facilitator
16:10 Key take-aways

16:20 Conclusions and wrap-up.
End of program….unless you would like to stay around and test drive the Tesla Model S one more time…
Social Media: #stftng (Strategy Tools for the Next Generation)


Learning to work differently with strategy – January 29 workshop in Stavanger

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