Short and sharp management thinking

Competing for the future, wrote Hamel and Prahalad in 1996. Today, Hamel uses an even sharper pen to show us how to think next generation strategy. Leading up to the Global Peter Drucker Forum 2014, he’s published two new blogposts, the first since 2009. They are both worth dwelling on.

The Core Incompetencies of the Corporation

Hamel and Prahaland coined the term, Core Competencies, some 25 years ago. Now, Hamel reflects on what he sees as the significant, structural flaws of the modern corporation. Enjoy the full post at HBR.

Bureaucracy Must Die

Taking his thinking one step further,  Hamel dives into the invisible operating system, or operating logic of the modern firm.

He writes; ”Most of us grew up in and around organizations that fit a common template. Strategy gets set at the top. Power trickles down. Big leaders appoint little leaders. Individuals compete for promotion. Compensation correlates with rank. Tasks are assigned. Managers assess performance. Rules tightly circumscribe discretion. This is the recipe for “bureaucracy,” the 150-year old mashup of military command structures and industrial engineering that constitutes the operating system for virtually every large-scale organization on the planet. It is the unchallenged tenets of bureaucracy that disable our organizations—that make them inertial, incremental and uninspiring.  To find a cure, we will have to reinvent the architecture and ideology of modern management — two topics that aren’t often discussed in boardrooms or business schools”

I will recommend the rest at HBR.

3 Traps That Block Corporate Transformation

Former CEO of HCL Technologies, Vineet Nayar shares his insights into the 3 traps that block transformation. Having led HCL from 24.000 to 86.000 employees, including a range of new business areas, Nayar writes from personal experience and great insights. Read the full post at HBR.

Short and sharp management thinking

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