Dream Bigger

One Director recently called us “a small company with big ideas”.
We strive to be just that.
Read the story of our Year one.

What if you could change the future of your company? Where would you begin? What would be your radically ambitious dreams? What would be your mind-numbingly awesome first steps?

Through our teaching and consulting we meet thousands of people. Too few are truly recklessly ambitious. Too few are truly trying to achieve the impossible. We want to change that.

Our goal is to help you and your company Dream Bigger – and execute successfully. Because we fundamentally believe, “if you can dream it, you can do it”. So let us.

Through our writing, teaching and consulting we help companies innovate how they innovate. We help companies radically rethink their strategies. We help leaders at all levels become more innovative. We help leaders at all levels always lead by example.

Our moon landing is Strategy Tools for the Next Generation. Here we develop a range of strategy, innovation and management tools. Tools for the future. Tools that are more adapted for speed, change and creativity.
Learn more at Strategy Tools for the Next Generation.com 

Christian Rangen is a lecturer at BI Norwegian Business School. Here he teaches strategy, innovation, leadership, marketing, change management and more for both executive and bachelor level students.

Our first book “Dream Bigger” was published in june 2012. Through our blogs and social media we reach thousands of readers on topics of strategy, innovation and leadership.

Villa Vista Taiba is our Brazilian management camp. Located in Ceara, Northeastern Brazil, this is where we bring Scandinavian companies to help them on their Brazilian market entry strategies.

And finally we are, Engage // Innovate, a Scandinavian management consulting company. Our business idea is to drive innovative strategic transformation.

We wish to engage our clients. 
This means creating energy, enthusiasm and passion in the people we meet. 
We call it Creating sparks.

We wish to be innovative. 
This means being creative in solutions and methods. We surprise. We are different. We think differently. We work on mental models, behavior and company strategy. 
We help our clients create radical innovation. 
We call it Dream Bigger.

View our company presentation

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Web: http://www.engage-innovate.com
Blog: https://engageinnovate.wordpress.com
Web: www.strategytoolsforthenextgeneration.com 
Twitter: @engageinnovate
Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/Engage-Innovate
Engage // Innovate Linkedin group
Engage // Innovate on Facebook
Villa Vista Taiba on Facebook

Christian Rangen, Co-Founder and Partner, Lecturer at BI on Linkedin
Elisabeth Øvstebø, Co-Founder and Managing Partner on Linkedin

Contact us:
Christian Rangen
Christian (a) engage-innovate.com

Elisabeth Øvstebø
Elisabeth (a) engage-innovate.com

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