Christian Rangen and Elisabeth Ovstebo give frequent keynote presentations on strategic innovation, Pirate thinking, innovation culture, Apple and Strategy Tools for the Next Generation. These keynote presentations run from 15 minutes to several hours. They also run highly interactive, two-day workshops on Strategic Innovation, Strategy & innovation tools, The People-side of Innovation, Three Levels of Business Models and more

Recent clients for keynote talks include Siemens, Aarbakke, Offhore’s HR & Leadership conference, World Innovation Convention, Aker Solutions and Atea.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help your company or your next big conference.

A selection of our talks

Startup Weekend: Kick-ass – making disruptive innovation work for you

Serviceforum 2013

Front End of Innovation

Sparking Strategic Innovation: 3 hour workshop
Copenhagen, March 2013

World Innovation Convention
The Innovation Pyramid
Cannes, November, 28th – 30th 2012

Engage // Innovate at World Innovation Convention 2012 from Christian Rangen on Vimeo.


Become a winner in digital marketing
Innovating digital business models, winning in social medias.
Stavanger Chamber, Nov 27th

Startup Weekend
Red Bull-driven caffeine powerboost
Stavanger, Nov. 17th

A selection of recent presentions


Social Media for HR Professionals
Stavanger, September 7th, 2012

Strategy Tools for the Next Generation (book preview)
Stavanger, May 29th, 2012

HR – Human Resources – Norway
Innovation and its implications for Innovation
Accenture, CISCO, Engage // Innovate, Gjensidige and DNB are among the companies presenting on the latest development in technology, innovation and social media – and what it means for leadership and HR-management. Read more.
Oslo, May 24th, 2012

StartUp Weekend
You Should All Be Pirates
Christian Rangen will kick-off this StartUp Weekend with a superb talk on courage and thinking mode for innovation. Members of the StartUp Weekend are the innovators of tomorrow. Now, let’s get out and do it.
Stavanger, April 13th, 2012

Using Social Media as a Leadership Tool
Stavanger, March 2012

Social Media as a Leadership Tool: Lederskolen 5 min from Christian Rangen on Vimeo.

Young in Statoil: Innovation
Stavanger, February 2012

Engaging Leadership: Making Management Innovation Happen
Stavanger, February 2012

Read more about our talks and keynote presentations or contact us directly.

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