Innovation Pyramid

The Innovation Pyramid
The Innovation Pyramid is a tool and a process for strategic innovation.

Statoil, GDF Suez, Aibel and SR-Bank are just a handful of the companies that have been introduced to the Innovation Pyramid as a strategic innovation tool. Teaching the Innovation Pyramid to more than 400 students on both bachelor and executive level at BI – Norwegian Business School had given intensive feedback and input to the framework. Follow us over the coming months as we publish more material, references and case studies on the Innovation Pyramid. Later this year we will present the Innovation Pyramid at international innovation conferences in Cannes, Oslo and Luxemburg.

The Innovation Pyramid…

…is a tool to develop a shared language, shared understanding and shared action around innovation.

…is both a strategy tool and a fun process to challenge the organization to dream bigger, drive change and make innovation happen.

… along with ‘’visual thinking facilitation’’, helps companies innovate how they innovate.

You can read more on our website or on our blog.

Today we are developing the entire toolkit and the upcoming book. We look forward to working with an increasing number of executives on making innovation happen.

You can find more Slideshare presentations on the Innovation Pyramid here.

In action
The Innovation Pyramid in action at a recent client workshop. Goal: re:think the business model and push strategic innovation for a professional services firm looking to disrupt the existing industry way of doing things.

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