Free book: Making Open Innovation Work

Our Danish friend, Stefan Lindegaard has recently published his book “Making Open Innovation Work”. You can purchase it on

In the spirit of true open innovation, Stefan has been kind enough to post it online. For free. You can download and read it here.

We love this book, and will be adding it to teaching lists for 2012.

Congrats, Stefan!

From the Back Cover of Making Open Innovation Work

“Big and small companies–you need to open up!” says Stefan Lindegaard in Making Open Innovation Work, but what exactly is open innovation, and why does it matter? Open innovation is about having the mindset and skills that enable companies to bridge internal and external resources and use this combination to bring new products and services to market faster.

Practical, engaging, and direct, this book thoroughly explores the open innovation intersection between big and small companies, explains what forms open innovation takes, discusses the benefits, and lists the challenges it poses for companies of different sizes.

Making Open Innovation Work also covers the following:

· Why big companies need small companies as part of their open innovation ecosystems.
· How to make open innovation work when the partners are of unequal size.
· Case studies illustrating open innovation between big and small companies.
· How to identify and develop the people who will drive open innovation within an organization.
· What to do if things go awry in an open innovation partnership.
· How to handle issues of intellectual property rights.
· How to use social media tools to build your open innovation capabilities and attract partnerships.

A Copenhagen-based author, sought-after speaker, and strategic advisor, Stefan Lindegaard’s blog at is a globally recognized site on open innovation, social media and thought leadership. He also wrote The Open Innovation Revolution published by Wiley in 2010.
About the Author
Stefan Lindegaard is an author, speaker and strategic advisor on the topics of open innovation, social media and thought leadership.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Stefan Lindegaard started four companies, and in one of his ventures, First Tuesday Denmark, he helped more than 150 business startups. In 2001, he brought his insights and experiences on entrepreneurship to the corporate world in which he helped pioneer Man on the Moon, one of the first corporate business-plan competitions.

His focus on corporate innovation, the people side of innovation and strategic networking led him to explore the paradigm shift of open innovation on which he has written three books including The Open Innovation Revolution in 2010. His recent book, Making Open Innovation Work, provides practical, engaging and direct advice on how big and small companies can make open innovation work.

Stefan Lindegaard resides in Copenhagen and he has given talks and worked with companies in Europe, South America, the United States, and Asia. His blog is globally recognized as a leading source on open innovation. (from

Free book: Making Open Innovation Work