Brazil day in Stavanger: “Successful market entry into Brazil”

Bem vindo ao Brasil um dia emocionante em BI Stavanger

BI – Norwegian Business School (Stavanger), Stavanger Chamber and MRK2033: International Marketing have the great pleasure of inviting you to Brazil day in Stavanger “Successful market entry into Brazil”

The small ”country” of Rogaland is quickly heading to Brazil. Significant oil findings and good relations have opened the doors for Norwegian on- and offshore pioneers. A few years ago we had some 50 Norwegian companies established in Rio. Today we are 150 and growing quickly. At home, in Rogaland, the business cases look promising. But the realities of Macae, Quissama, Barra do Furado and Rio can be quite different.
We fear that perhaps half of the Norwegian initatives will fail too live up to their expectations. This is largely due to culture, corruption and bureaucracy. Even more so, it is due to a lack of understanding of history, language and “doing business in Brazil”.

We call this “the soft side of doing business”. But for companies seeking success in the B of the BRIC countries, an absolute requirement for successful market entry into Brazil.

BI – Norwegian Business School, Stavanger Chamber and the Bachelor course MRK2033 International marketing is seeking to bring together diverse perspectives, experiences and age groups for an insightful day on “successful market entry into Brazil”. Here we’ll hear practical case studies, academic insight, international experiences. We’ll hear from Brazilians living in Norway, students seeking to understand and entreprenurs overcoming the tough challenges of doing business in Brazil. The program is designed with a large number of brief (TED-inspired) presentations, Q & A sessions, panel debate and network building.

The conference is a part of BI Norwegian Business School’s increasing focus on internationalization. It is also a way to build relationships between the corporate world and today’s young students with their interest and curiosity for their future opportunities in Brazil.

Read the recent interview in Rosenkilden magazine.

Come meet:

Statoil’s head of Brazil, South-America and Sub-Sahara Africa.
Hear the amazing success story how the ‘’small’’ company from Forus grew to become the largest foreign oil company in Brazil.

The senior advisor, in charge of the Norwegian Government’s Brazil strategy.

The team behind Windflip, now just getting started on their Brazil thinking.

The Mayor of the city of Stavanger.

Engaged students seeking to understand your business, your market, the culture, challenges and opportunities in Brazil. The students are currently working on the BRIC countries and international marketing strategies for Norwegian companies expanding abroad. They can provide insight, knowledge and perspective to your challenge. Perhaps, they’ll one day come work for you in Brazil…

Entrepreneurs who’s been crafting relations and results between Norway and Brazil.

Brazilians daily building relationships and creating business opportunities between the two countries.

Expand your Brazil network.

Connect with more than 65 companies, universities and public institutions.

Read the full program here:

Read some amazing case studies on Brazil here. .

The conference is organized by:
BI Stavanger, Stavanger Chamber and the course “MRK2033 International Marketing”

BI Stavanger, Stavanger Chamber and MRK2033 International marketing invite you to our Brazil day in Stavanger.
Time: Tuesday March 13th 2012, 09:00 – 16:30 (Registrations and coffee from 08.30)
Place: BI Stavanger, Hesbygaten 5, Stavanger
Conference fee: NOK 500,-
Free of charge for students
Twitter hashtag: #brazildaybi

Download the entire program (not updated) here.