Digital business models: winning in digital channels

What does it take for established firms to develop winning strategies in online, social marketing channels?

How can legacy firms establish digital business models?

What are the key issues to winning in online, social and viral channels?

These were some of the questions I was asked to discuss in a recent keynote talk: Digital Businessmodels (in Norwegian).
A highly engaged crowd, packed to the ceiling with more than 125 people and a long waiting list, gave a great setting for shedding some light on some of these crucial areas.

Key conclusion: Today’s marketing managers are failing hard at using the strategic opportunities of social and digital technologies. You don’t have to like social media, but you need to understand it. Most don’t. They need to as the speed of digital disruption is only increasing.

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Digital business models: winning in digital channels

Villgjær’s Business Model Challenge: Pivot, Pivot

I love Villgjær. This local, Stavanger-based, beer brewery is a radical innovator. In design, in marketing, in products, they are rethinking and innovating in face of the current industry dynamics.

Next, it’s time for them to develop a business model. I challenge them to rethink and redesign their business model.
My suggestion; High-end, subscription model, with pre-paid cash flows.
Basically, copy Nespresso’s model into the beer industry. It might just work.

High-End, subscription model with pre-paid cash flows: a radical business model for beer…

Next, I will do an innovation analysis on Villgjær’s business model using the Innovation Pyramid. Stay tuned.
Updates coming…

While you wait, get on and “like” their Facebook site.

Villgjær’s Business Model Challenge: Pivot, Pivot