Heading into Brazil week

Here in Scandinvian we are heading into Brazil week. More specifically, there are two very interesting Brazil conferences taking place, one in Stavanger and one in Copenhagen. Fittingly, this week´s issue of The Economist is also doing a special briefing on Brazil´s oil boom.

Thursday morning sees the start of Greater Stavanger´s Brazil day. “Follow your clients to Brazil” is the title, of this event taking place in Stavanger. Hosting a range of oil and gas executives, this event looks closely at how to develop your business model once you leave Norway and head down to the Santos Basin outside Rio. Following the event, September 2012 sees a number of Norwegian firms traveling down to Rio, Macae and the Santos Basin.

Friday morning we hop a plane to join Copenhagen Business School´s seminar: Brazil’s new role as an economic power – opportunities and challenges. Here we´re joining a seminar taking a far more holistic view on Brazil. Combining academic, industry and political speakers, including the Brazilian Ambassador to Denmark, CBS combines a range of perspectives. Knowing that perhaps as many as 50 % of foreign business entries into Brazil will fail, this holistic perspective is crucial.

The key themes in Copenhagen are:
1. What are Brazil’s political and economic challenges ahead?
2. How does Brazil compare to other major emerging markets?
3. How does Denmark fit into Brazil’s commercial and diplomatic relations?
3. Conversely, what are the aims’ of Danish foreign policy with regard to Brazil?
4. When it comes to the private sector, what prospects does Brazil offer for Danish companies and investors who want to diversify their portfolios?

In Copenhagen, we are especially looking forward to the track on innovation policies in Brazil. In short, we are looking forward to a series of powerful learning seminars on one of the world´s most important economies.
Brazil, we believe is set for a boom in economic development. By most estimates, the country has as much oil as the entire North sea – if not more. And by 2020 the country should be among the world´s five largest oil producers. It´s time to pay attention to the rise of Brazil.

If you prefer a little background information to the Brazilian energy boom, we recommend this CBS special from 2010.

Heading into Brazil week

An emerging relationship: Norway – Brazil

Norwegian exports to Brazil has risen 80 % the last year and tripled since 2000. This is only the beginning.

Travelling through Brazil these last weeks, I’ve seen a growing number of Noruega – Brasil relations. The two flags side-by-side is a common sight.

Passing through Rio and Macae, and one out of every four supply ships are Norwegian.

With a Special issue on Brazil, the Norwegian “Internasjonal Politikk, 02/2011”, Norway is highlighting the emerging relationship between the two countries. Reading through the recent issue, I am impressed by the depth of research and relationships developed over the last few years.

According to one source, “a few years ago there were 50 Norwegian companies established in Rio. Today there are 150 – with another 350 in line, waiting to get it”. And when you know Brazil ranks 128th worldwide on “Ease of starting a business”, you know companies who might feel they are already late, are racing to catch up.

Companies that are considering getting started in Brazil, would do well to read and understand the recent issue of “Internasjonal Politikk”. It is an excellent read.

An emerging relationship: Norway – Brazil