Our workshops are designed to give you and your team a kick-start to your innovation challenges. “Sparking Strategic Innovation” gives you the strategic perspective and teaches you how to connect strategy and innovation.

“The People-side of Innovation” gives you a unique people-perspective and the tools to build a more innovative organization”.

Front End of Innovation 2014 has us running workshops in Munich and Venice on our work on new strategy tools.
The workshop ”Your future innovation tools” helps companies master a range of new strategy and innovation tools, including the Strategic Innovation Canvasand Three Levels of Business Models. All tools are developed through the action research project Strategy Tools for the Next Generation.

Three Levels of Business Models

Making [X]happen” and ”Your Innovation Toolkit” are both developed for the World Innovation Convention in Cannes. A global platform for innovation leaders, the WIC is a superb arena to share, launch, test and experiement with new workshop formats. These two are both designed to give hands-on training in making innovation happen in established organizations.


Dream Bigger: the workshop” teaches innovation thinking modes, how you can change your innovation thinking and how you can execute succesfully.

Front End of Innovation 2013” was held at the international FEI conference, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Come experience these amazing, highly acclaimed two-day workshops.
Push your own thinking. Challenge your perspective on strategy.
Get ready for Sparking Strategic Innovation.

Sparking Strategic Innovation
The acclaimed, highly interactive two-day workshop.
Taking place in Norway, Denmark, France and Brazil.

Learn how you can…
• Become a more innovative leader
• Teach yourself to think outside the box and dream bigger
• Help create more innovative strategies
• Master the tools of strategic innovation
• Become a strategic innovator

This workshop has been held at international conferences and in-house for clients in oil & gas, energy, IT, media, banking and shipping.

The People-Side of Innovation
Experience this powerful, thought-provoking, interactive two-day workshop.

Develop the courage to innovate.
Learn the skills tomorrow’s innovation leaders need.
Learn how to master the people-side of innovation
Book your workshop today.

Learn how you can…
• Develop your own innovation skills
• Build a radically more innovative team
• Coach leaders to become more innovative
• Master the five skills of highly innovate people
• Develop the people-side of innovation in your organization
• Use the Innovator’s DNA survey to develop a more innovative organization

This workshop has been adapted into leadership developement programs with clients across media and energy industries.

All workshops are run by Elisabeth Ovstebo and Christian Rangen, founders of Engage // Innovate.

Contact us to discuss how we can make one of these powerful action workshops happen in your company.

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