Front End of Innovation 2013


Powerful, hands-on learning
Master new, visual innovation tools

Front End of Innovation 2013
Sparking Strategic Innovation
Led by Christian Rangen and Elisabeth Øvstebø

Learn how you can…

  • Connect strategy and innovation.
  • Teach yourself to think outside the box and dream bigger
  • introduce more Pirate thinking into your organization
  • Help create more innovative strategies
  • Master new tools for strategic innovation

We need new strategy tools for the future. Most of today’s strategy tools are insufficient to explain many of our times most successful companies. The next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, risk takers and pirates need new tools to master strategic innovation. They need new tools to make strategic innovation happen. Through our research and teaching we have developed or selected 32 strategy, innovation and management tools. Tools for the future.












Read the full interview with Christian here.

In this interactive workshop we will help you master:

  • Innovation Thinking Modes
  • Strategic Innovation Canvas
  • Pirate thinking
  • 30/30-rule
  • The 3-boxes
  • Three Levels of Business Models
  • Holistic innovation model
  • The Innovation Pyramid

This hands-on, idea-driven workshop will provide you with emerging tools for strategic innovation. You will learn how to apply these to your ongoing innovation challenges.

Come experience some of the latest thinking and new tools for strategic innovation. The session will combine emerging theories, case studies and new innovation tools into a highly interactive workshop.

  • Key take aways:
  •  Learn to te:think your mental models for making innovation happen
  •  Master new tools to kick-start your own innovation journey
  •  Get your personal action toolkit for making innovation happen in your business
  •  Receive a free copy of “Dream Bigger: your personal innovation sketchbook
  • Receive a special preview of the upcoming book “Strategy Tools for the Next Generation: strategy, innovation and management tools for the next generation of entrepreneurs, risk takers and pirates”.

Connect with Front End of Innovation today or download your event program and brochure here.

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