Making (X) happen: behind the scenes

Making (X) happen: behind the scenes
Dialogue and shared reflections on leading innovation and transformation 


Innovation is one thing. Making innovation – and transformation happen in established organizations is quite another. Often, “the organization” is the biggest killer of innovation. The big question is: how can we create innovation and transformation – faster – in our organizations.


We’ll discuss…

Designing for WOW!

Less talk, more action

Less slides, more tools

Less sitting, more movement

The importance of the physical space

Why class rooms kill – and board rooms are even worse

These are some of the success factors in creating engagement, energy and transformation. Yet, few seem to use these principles on a regular basis. Let’s change that.

How Might We

Learn how you can….

  • Replace death slides with action tools
  • Design better workshops, seminars and learning events
  • Make learning, innovation and transformation happen faster


Who this workshop is for

This Master class workshop is highly suitable for innovation leaders, facilitators, internal and external consultants, educators and executives. Anyone with a desire to make (X) happen will find this workshop valuable.


Key take-aways:

  • Learn new tools and design thinking
  • Discuss in-depth with fellow innovation leaders
  • Learn methods for facilitating innovation and strategy workshops


 SeatingHow we run our learning experiences…

Combined, Christian and Elisabeth have more than 25 years of consulting, teaching and making transformation happen. Today they work with global organizations in Europe and South America. They design and run executive education programs, innovation workshops and large scale group interventions, often multiple times a week. Constantly adopting, testing and trying out new methods, they create energy and engagement in audiences worldwide. They invite you to join this  Master class workshop on Making (X) happen: behind the scenes.
Developed for Cannes – adapted for you

Making (X) happen: behind the scenes was developed for the World Innovation Convention in november 2013. It sums up the facilitation and workshop methods we use and teach into a Master Class Workshop. The tools and ideas behind this workshop are today being used by global companies driving innovation and strategy. Engage // Innovate lead internal strategy & innovation training programs to help make (X) happen. Let’s see how this Master class workshop can be adapted to your needs.



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