Munich & Venice – Front End of Innovation 2014


Front End of Innovation is one of Europe’s leading innovation event. For 2014, The World Leader in Advancing Innovation invite global innovators to join in both Munich (february) and Venice (March). Google, Samsung, IBM, HP and McLaren are just some of the top cases to be presented. Innovation experts Rowan Gibson (author of the excellent ”Innovation to the core” and Navi Radjou and John Bessant will share some of their latest thinking.

We are excited to run two half-day workshops. Our goal: help global innovatoers make innovation happen.We focus on powerful, hands-on, learning. and will help people master new visual innovation tools. Welxome. and hope to see you in 2014.



Your future innovation tools:
Strategy Tools for the Next Generation


In this workshop you will:

  • Master new, visual tools for strategic innovation
  • Help create more bold and innovative strategies
  • Facilitate more innovation in your own organization
  • Explore new tools and thinking to make innovation happen


We need new strategy tools for the future. Most of today’s strategy tools are insufficient to explain many of our times most successful companies. The next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, risk takers and pirates need new tools to master strategic innovation. They need new tools to make strategic innovation happen. Today we are developing these tools, tools that are already in use with leading companies worldwide.

In this highly interactive workshop you will learn the following powerful, visual strategy and innovation tools:

  • Two Lenses on Strategy
  • Strategic Innovation Canvas
  • Three Levels of Business Models
  • A Holistic View on Innovation
  • and more…

This hands-on, idea-driven workshop will provide you with emerging tools for strategic innovation. You will apply these to your ongoing innovation challenges – and put the tools to work in your own organization.

Join us and experience some of the latest thinking and new tools for strategic innovation. The session will combine emerging theories, case studies and new innovation tools into a highly interactive workshop.


Meet in Venice

  • Key take-aways:
  •  Master new tools to kick-start your own innovation journey
  •  Get your copy of “Dream Bigger: your personal innovation sketchbook”
  •  Get your personal action toolkit for making innovation happen
  • Join a growing global community in putting new strategy and innovation tools to use


Connect with the Front End of Innovation 2014.

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