Sparking Strategic Innovation

Sparking Strategic Innovation

The acclaimed, highly interactive two-day workshop. #Piratethinking

Learn how you can…
• Become a more innovative leader
• Teach yourself to think outside the box and dream bigger
• Help create more innovative strategies
• Master the tools of strategic innovation
• Become a strategic innovator

Run by Elisabeth Ovstebo and Christian Rangen, founders of Engage // Innovate.
Elisabeth Ovstebo and Christian Rangen help companies make innovation happen. Working with leaders on all levels, they combine leadership, strategy, change management and innovation to create new business models, new business areas and more innovative organizations.

“Promotion wins quarters; innovation wins decades”
– Bob McDonald, CEO, P&G

Come experience this amazing, highly acclaimed two-day workshop.
Push your own thinking. Challenge your perspective on strategy.
Get ready for Sparking Strategic Innovation.
Sign up today.

“When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people:
those who let it happen, those who make it happen,
and those who wonder what happened”
– John M. Richardson, Jr.

Key take aways:
• Understand how some of the world’s most innovative companies drive strategic innovation
• Learn to te:think your mental models for making innovation happen
• Kick-start your own innovation journey
• Master your personal action toolkit for making innovation happen in your business
• Receive a free copy of “Dream Bigger: your personal innovation sketchbook

Day I:

08:00 Coffee and registrations

08:30 Introduction to Sparking Strategic Innovation
– The two-day program
– Expectations
– Participants

09:00 Why all innovation starts in your head
Innovation is now recognized as the single most important ingredient in any modern economy. But….getting innovation right requires new leadership skills. We believe these leadership skills start in your head. Great innovation requires the ability to challenge and stretch your existing mental models. Yet, we know industry mental models tend to converge over time. So to innovate in existing roles, in established companies, in current industries requires the ability to think different, to dream bigger.
George Bernhard Shaw once said, “Imagination is the beginning of creation”. Well, strategic innovation requires strategic imagination. And this all starts in your head.

10:00 A holistic model for understanding innovation
People, culture and processes; these are the three enablers of Strategic Innovation. These three enablers are the building blocks of any successful strategic innovation effort. Problem is, most companies don’t have the tools, metrics or theories to balance these three. Instead, luck and random chance decide if your company has the foundation for successful innovation. Now, for the first time, you can learn how your company can create a holistic understanding of innovation.

10:30 – 11:00 Coffee break

11:00 Introduction to the Innovation Pyramid
– a toolkit to boost innovation in any organization
Most companies wish they were more innovative.
85 % of executives rank innovation as a top five priority.
But few leaders have the training…
Few executives have built the culture…
Few companies have the tools…
…to lead innovation.
Enter, the Innovation Pyramid.
This session give you the introduction to the Innovation Pyramid as a ground-breaking innovation tool.

12:00 – 13:00 Networking lunch

13:00 Innovation case studies: learning from world class innovators

13:15 Sparking a industry paradigm shift: Spotify vs. the music industry
Using the Innovation Pyramid we will understand how Spotify is single-handedly reshaping the global music industry. Comparing Spotify’s strategic innovation vs. the CD industry reveals step-by-step how a Swedish Startup launched in 2008, is redefining the Music industry.
Next, we will look at emerging trends in your industry and see how these could disrupt your business model – and identify ways you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

14:30 – 15:00 Coffee break and mental recharge

15:00 Innovation Pyramid: Facebook’s innovative business model
Over the last eight years, Facebook has changed how 900 million+ people communicate and interact around the globe. With an unprecedented level of innovation, Facebook has been turning itself into a platform for everything, disrupting news, media, e-mail, video conference – and shortly also shopping, travel and banking. Today, with some 3000 staff; Facebook is perhaps one of the world’s most profitable companies, in profits per employees. At the same time, some people see Facebook as the ultimate bubble of our time. Regardless of one’s perspective, understanding Facebook’s strategic innovation and its radically innovative business model is crucial learning for anyone trying to master the possibilities of web 2.0 and our digital future.

Using the Innovation Pyramid, we will analyze and understand Facebook’s business model. But more than that, we will analyze and understand how your company can evolve and adapt to new opportunities on Facebook’s growing platform.

16:30 End of day one

Day two:

08:30 Welcome

08:45 Case study “Welcome Coolburst management”
Taking on the role of new management at Coolburst, you are tasked with turning an ailing company around. Using your newly acquired strategic innovation thinking and tools; you’ll be on the executive team to bring this company to life. You’re going to need, all of your natural creativity, your team, and your new toolkit to succeed. This learning experience will be a powerful kick-start for making innovation happen in your own firm.
• Coolburst Strategy session: Rethinking strategy innovation
• Innovation workshop session: crafting Coolburst’s strategy

11:30 – 12:15 Working lunch

13:30 Coolburst board presentation: pitching your innovative strategy

14:30 Personal learning and reflections
Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one’s thoughts into action is
the most difficult thing in the world.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

15:00 My personal innovation action plan
• Transferring my learning to my own organization
• The tools, the mind-set and the people.
• Crafting my own innovation action plan: Easy, Impact and Fun

16:30 End of two-day workshop

How much time have you
spent creatively reimagine
your business model?


Learn to master the Innovation Pyramid

The Innovation Pyramid…
• …is a holistic tool for making leaders, employees and their companies significantly increase their innovation capability.
• …is a tool to develop a shared language, shared understanding and shared action around innovation.
• …is both a strategy tool and a fun process to challenge the organization to dream bigger, drive change and make innovation happen.
• … along with visual thinking facilitation, helps companies innovate how they innovate.

Over the last year an increasing number of Scandinavian firms have started applying the Innovation Pyramid as a key innovation tool. Christian Rangen and Elisabeth Ovstebo will share their research and development of the model. They will take you through an exciting workshop to teach you how you can apply the Innovation Pyramid to boost innovation in your own organization. You will receive a complete toolkit to get started on the Innovation Pyramid.

Engage // Innovate at World Innovation Convention 2012 from Christian Rangen on Vimeo.

Christian Rangen & Elisabeth Ovstebo
Christian Rangen and Elisabeth Ovstebo are renegade management innovators. They go to work every day to make help make innovation happen. They challenge management mental models; push creative strategic thinking and help leaders engage and innovate.

Christian and Elisabeth are founders of Engage // Innovate – a Scandinavian think-tank and consulting company. They are authors, speakers and consultants on strategic innovation, radical innovation and reinventing leadership. They work with senior leadership on innovative strategic transformation. Recent innovative approaches to strategy and leadership have led to a range of new management practices in Scandinavian firms.

Christian also teaches strategy, innovation and leadership at BI – Norwegian Business School and a range of executive development programs. At BI, Christian is starting the BI Management Innovation Lab to help students and executives re:think leadership and drive management innovation. He is also an active public speaker and speaks frequently on topics like “Pirate thinking”, “Dream Bigger”, “Strategy Tools for the Next Generation” and “Innovation and leadership”. Today he is leading work with global firms like Statoil, Halliburton, GDF Suez and small game-changers like Peanuts, Altibox and Startup Weekend.

Christian and Elisabeth are also the happy owners of the Brazilian boutique hotel and Management Camp Villa Vista Taiba – a paradise for strategic innovative thinkers and passionate kitesurfers…

Engage // Innovate
What if you could change the future of your company? Where would you begin? What would be your radically ambitious dreams? What would be your mind-numbingly awesome first steps?

Through our teaching, research and consulting we meet thousands of people. Too few are truly recklessly ambitious. Too few are truly trying to achieve the impossible. We want to change that.

Our goal is to help you and your company Dream Bigger – and execute successfully. Because we fundamentally believe, “if you can dream it, you can do it”. So let us.

Through our writing, teaching and consulting we help companies innovate how they innovate. We help companies radically rethink their strategies. We help leaders make innovation happen.

We are Engage // Innovate.

Join us for this amazing two day workshop.

Contact us to make this interactive workshop happen in your company.

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